I finally joined a social bookmarking site. I toyed with Delicious in the past, but then when I decided to commit to one I stumbled across Diigo. I see Delicious bills itself as “the biggest collection of bookmarks in the universe.” That’s fine. I want tools, however. I want ease of use. I want portability (wiki on “social network portability”). Diigo describe their site as a “Social Information Network (SIN).”

A SIN is a social network where information consumption, research, and sharing is central, and where the connection between people and people, between people and information, and between information and information, are exploited and harnessed to improve knowledge sharing and content discovery, and to enable more meaningful social connections and intellectual exchanges.

“Improving discovery” says it all for me. So far I really like what I see in Diigo: highlighting, sticky notes, robust search, snapshots, and a cool Javascript bookmarklet called Diigolet for all major browsers. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

See what I am doing on Diigo.