GoDaddy is violating well-established ICANN regs: “A registrant change to Whois information is not a valid reason to deny a transfer request.”

I just got off the phone with a GoDaddy representative and a supervisor. The CSR stuck to policy. The supervisor was down right rude and argumentative.  For a detailed explanation of GoDaddy’s bogus policy see this blog post.

I tried to transfer our church’s domain to Dreamhost, which is an excellent company, by the way.  I updated the Whois info earlier this month, and by doing so I apparently agreed to lock the domain from transfer for 60 days, which is the bogus GoDaddy policy. I understand and even appreciate, to some extent, the policy to help prevent domain hijacking, but what this boils down to is GoDaddy’s denial of customer rights to change their mind. This is tantamount to changing your car registration info, and then the state tells you can’t sell your car for 60 days after the change. No one would stand for that. Therefore, I will be eliminating all of my business with GoDaddy and further recommend to everyone to not do business with GoDaddy.